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Discuss three of the nine major forms of benefits/services in the U. social welfare system.

Discuss three of the nine major forms of benefits/services in the U.S. social welfare system. For each of the three, give an example of when you believe that benefit or service would be positive and when it would be negative.Benefit/Service:1)Material goods/commodities2)Cash3)Expert services4)Positive discrimination5)Credits/vouchers6)Subsidies7)Government guarantees8)Protective regulation9)Power over decisionsDefinition:1) Tangible benefits (e.g., food, shelter, clothing)2) Negotiable currency, exchangeable without loss in value3) Skilled, knowledgeable performances by credentialed professionals4) Benefits directed to protected groups to redress past inequities5) Prepayments or postpayments to purveyors of benefits and/or services. A credit can be used by a beneficiary only at purveyor(s) chosen by the organization providing the credit. A voucher can be used at purveyor(s) chosen by beneficiary.6) Payments made to a third party (e.g., federal funds to private hospitals)7) Government promise to repay loan in event signatory defaults8) Grants of exclusive or near-exclusive right to a certain market as a result of lack of competition9) Right to make decisions that serve self-interests of a particular group with which decision maker is affiliated

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