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1.Etruscan women are thought to have enjoyed greater freedom and esteem than Greek women. How is this reflected in Etruscan art? How would we define an audacious woman of the 21st century? What is the visual evidence in our culture of greater freedom for women?

2.What do Etruscan tombs tell us about the Etruscan's' lives? Be sure to cite specific examples to illustrate your discussion. How does it demonstrate contact with other cultures? How is it similar and different from Egyptian funerary practices? What are the similarities and differences in the use of animals to Near-eastern Art?

3.Compare and contrast a Roman Temple, an Etruscan temple and an archaic or classical Greek temple. Describe the influences.

4.In many historical accounts, the Greeks were known for their panel painting, yet none of it survives. Some have hypothesized that Etruscan and Roman painting might be a close approximation to Greek painting. Summarize the importance and development of Etruscan and Roman wall painting.

5.What can we say about Roman culture based on the sculptural portraits that survive? Examine the changes of these portraits in Roman society. When applicable use them as evidence for the changes in each period.

6.How was architecture utilized in Rome to influence the way citizens interacted with each other and other cultures?

7.Which pair of works discussed in this section best represents the difference between the period of the Republic and Late Imperial art and society? Explain your choices thoroughly

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