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Discussion post 4

How is CSR different from Adam Smith’s concept of the invisible hand? Why is this important?

  • Based on the definitions of CSR in the chapter—including the author’s definition—what do you believe are the essential elements of CSR? Why?
  • Describe some of the CSR programs or activities you discovered on the websites of the company listed in Table 1.
  • Briefly describe the Concentric Circle Model of CSR and the CSR Pyramid. Explain how these models inappropriately compartmentalize economic, legal, and ethical considerations.
  • List and briefly describe the CSR-related terms highlighted in the text: sustainability, corporate citizenship, corporate social performance, philanthropy, stakeholder theory, and systems theory.

Here's a couple big picture questions: What does CSR have to do with economic value (from our first discussion in Module 2)? What does (or should) CSR have to do with corporate strategy?

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