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draft academic paper

Assignment Description:

Creation of a draft academic paper.

Assignment Instructions: 

Complete a draft of a 2000 to 3000 words (approximately 8 to 12 pages double spaced) academic paper that can incorporate your previous research, including your essays on  good decision making and plagiarism.  It is unlikely that the specific content of the previous written assignments would be used as part of the rough draft, many of the principles and skills acquired are applicable.  You ARE able to adapt the research used for the annotated bibliography.  This should be a draft of a new project.   In addition to the content for this paper, your draft should include the following:

  1. An APA title page
  2. A well written introduction and conclusion
  3. An APA reference page
  4. This assignment is worth 150 points.

Note: Your course text The College Writer provides a detailed description of the formatting requirements for this assignment. In addition, you can use the OWL site for additional information on these requirements:

  • Creating a Reference Page 
  • Writing a Conclusion 
  • Writing an Introduction 
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