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E-Comerece Business Case on the Air Travel Industry

The paper's topic focus on:Chapter XI: From Catalogs to the Web—The Evolution of Airgun Products, Inc.

E-Book: Cases on Electronic Commerce Technologies and Applications, by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour (ed) Idea Group Publishing © 2006 (ISBN: 1599044021, Books24x7 IT Pro)

Use the following questions to help you write your report. (Each question may not apply to each case), all wordings in simple language please: Further video on the instruction:


Situation analysis (40%)

You are the primary decision maker in the case. You are not a consumer. Indicate what role you are taking. What are your objectives? What are the relevant facts from the case?

Solution analysis (30%)

What decisions/problems/opportunities must you face?How do feel about actions taken?Why?What would you have done? What are the major differences today?What would you do today?

Case Review and Reflection (20%)

What you have learned from this case? How does this relate to your own experiences?In other classes? Your personal life? At your job?

Organization and Grammar (10%+)

Spelling errors. Grammar errors. Section headings. Organization.

Your report should use the above three section headings. It should be 4 to 5 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt.). This should be typed, and use proper business English. You will be graded on depth of analysis, organization, and thoroughness (see rubric on following page).

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