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EDU 110 Summary Grid Assignment Part One: Themes explanation note: write a few sentences explaining what you mean by each theme Theme one: Theme two:...

Summary Grid Assignment

You should use the attached tables as templates and/or modify them as needed. Please do NOT try to fit all of this on one page by making the font tiny! It is fine if it goes onto additional pages (in fact, I would expect it to do so).

The idea behind this assignment is that you spend some time summarizing and integrating the various ideas that have been presented in class. This course has covered a broad array of topic and conceptual areas in order to aid our collective understanding of learning and development as applied to school settings. From one week to the next there have been many common threads and themes. Some of these have been explicit and some implicit and some might be obvious to you even if they were not intentional on my part. This assignment is an opportunity to put all of these ideas together and consider how they relate to one another in a systematic way.

The first part of the assignment is for you to identify THREE themes that are woven throughout the course and in part two you will explain how you think those themes are instantiated in various parts of the course. First, you will explain each theme in a few sentences and then you will map each theme to the course. You will do the mapping in a matrix (see attached). If you find congruence between a theme and a course element, you will fill in the cell with a brief explanation for the connection as you see it. Please note, for any given theme it is NOT expected that each and every element of the course can be tied to that theme, rather the idea is for you to find those elements that are related and explain the relationship as you see it. Thus, there will inevitably be blanks in your matrix. For ideas about how you might go about this part of the assignment, take a look at Ch. 10 of How People Learn. You will see that the authors have done something along the lines of what I’m asking you to do, only they do it in a lengthy written narrative. You may find that some of the themes that they have identified are ones that you find compelling and relevant to this course. It is fine if you use one or more of these, but keep in mind two things. First, you will have to explain for yourself what you mean by a particular theme and second, there are portions of this course that are not present in the How People Learn volume and you will need to carefully consider the relevance of each theme to those portions of the course.

The grading for this assignment will be based on the successful completion of each part of the assignment with part two receiving 60% of the weight of the grade. For part one we will look to see that each theme is described thoroughly. For part two we will look to see that the matching with aspects of the course is complete and reasonable with succinct explanations for relationships as shown in the matrix.

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