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Edu. 381 Curriculum & Instructional Design week 5 DQ1

In chapter 7 of your text, although Thematic and Project Base Learning (PBL units) are featured, six other types of instructional units are introduced. For this discussion post, you will perform two tasks.

  • Of the eight types of instructional unit introduced in this chapter, choose one, describe it, and tell why it is your preferred choice.
  • Using the formatting form a PBL unit plan provided in table 7.1 in your textbook, outline your own PBL unit. 

You MUST refer to Chapter 7 of your text, additional resources and your own insights/experiences.

Book: Hansen, C, B., Buczynski, S., and Pucket K., S. (2015) Curriculum and Instruction for the 21at century. Bridgepoint Education

Template Provided and attached

If you have any questions in regards to this DQ please feel free to ask me. Thank You for all your help.

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