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EEE-200 Assig.5

Follow the link above to download the PowerPoint presentation file titled "PPT_Resources."  

Save the file to your desktop using the following file name format:  Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx

Make sure to save it with your name!

Locate an article, video, or other resource that relates to using PowerPoint or effective slide design.  Using the saved PPT slide on your desktop, provide a summary of this resource on the provided body slide (slide 2). This should be a brief summary (much like Professional Experience #2). Include  a link to the resource/information on the slide. Do not alter or delete any other students' slides.

Save the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file. Upload your completed PowerPoint file to OneDrive by clicking "Upload" in the menu bar at the top of the OneDrive webpage. Browse to find your saved file on your computer. 

When the upload is complete, submit a copy of the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file to Blackboard using the “Professional Experience #3” link in Week 5.

In order to receive credit for completing this task you must:

•   Provide a useful article, video, or other resource on using PowerPoint and/or effective slide design 

•   Include a brief summary of the resource on the slide

•   Limit your resource overview to one slide

•   Submit the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file to Blackboard in the “Professional Experience #3” link

  • When using PowerPoint you should use layout to your advantage to catch the viewers eye. 

  • Simplify your slide and use bullet points

  • Use the "Less is more" theory and do not cram everything into one slide. PowerPoint is meant to "Sum up" information.

  • Keep Colors simple and avoid using colors that will make it hard to read.

  • Use traditional fonts like Times New Roman 

  •  Avoid over styling. Our eyes are naturally drawn to things that stand out, but use it sparingly  

  • https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/tips-on-how-to-make-effective-beautiful-powerpoint-presentations  

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