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ENGL 230 Week 7 Persuasive Outline

This file of ENGL 230 Week 7 Persuasive Outline covers:

For Week 7 you are asked to complete an outline for your Persuasive Speech. Please be sure to follow the Outline Template in Doc Sharing. Remember to include an introduction, thesis, target, audience, body of the outline (with at least three main points (Roman numerals) and two levels of subpoints (letters and numbers), conclusion, visual explanation, and reference page (using correct APA formatting.) You might also want to review the speechguidelines.docx in Doc Sharing for more information.Title of Presentation: Proposal for Additional Company Network Security and Firewall Protection MeasuresName of Presenter: Description of Business Audience: The audience consists of members of the IT department management team. They are responsible for evaluating my proposal and making….Introduction Sony Playstations loss of $171 million in damages from a network breach in 2011 (Phneah, 2012) Topics that the presentation will cover Thesis statement Introduction of the speakerThesis Statement: IT security breaches caused much damage and loss for an enterprise, making tighter….Body of Outline Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities What are risks, threats….

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