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English 8-1

Activity: Revisiting Your Persuasive Essay (GRADED)

NOTE: This activity will be graded based on completion.

When it comes to writing—as with most things in life—there's always room for improvement. With this in mind, let's revisit your final project to work on the small-scale revision topics that were discussed on the previous pages.

Retrieve a copy of the latest essay draft that you created in 7-2: Activity: Reverse Outline and, if possible, print it out. (Your draft should be saved in the Notebook, which is accessible through the "Course Tools" button.) Once again, read your essay aloud and pinpoint specific areas where your grammar and mechanics could be improved. Then, using guidance from the reading this week, revise one or two paragraphs of the essay so that they are as clear and concise as it can be. Remember, the key is to read your essay aloud, s-l-o-w-l-y. If this technique doesn't work for you, though, have a friend, family member, or co-worker read the essay aloud to you. This can also help you identify sections of the text that may need to be reworked.

        Note: This is the one or two paragraphs of the essay 

Reasons Transportation Demand Management should be implemented

            Over the years, the inflation rate has skyrocketed leading to high cost of fuel. At the same time, the cost and duration that is wasted by travelers in the traffic jam are the main reasons the Transportation Demand Management should be implemented (Oberstar, 2008). However, there are a lot of people over all the world who are buying cars each passing days. These cars are mostly used in urban setting leading to congestion and traffic jams. The cost and duration wasted by travelers are the main reasons the TDM should be implemented to ensure that there are sustainability and efficiency in the transport industry (Gubbins, 2003). Besides, among the increased number of players within the industry, the government has one of the most critical roles to play. The government has a responsibility of ensuring that transportation networks are managed so that traffic congestion is avoided (Gubbins, 2003). On this, the Transportation Demand Management ensures that all levels of government are involved in improving the efficiency if transportation across the country.

Ultimately, it is the role of the government to ensure that there are sustainable transports within an urban setting where there are a many people and residence. Sustainable transport refers to the broad subject of transport that is sustainable regarding the environmental, social and climatic impact and the ability to supply the source of energy in the global scope (Rye, 2016). There are many components that can be used to evaluate the sustainability of the transport industry (Gubbins, 2003). Some of the components that can be used to evaluate the transport are the vehicles that are usedon the road, vessels used in water and air, the sources of energy as well as the transportation infrastructure that are used to accommodate the transports. Some of the in infrastructure includes the railways, airways, roads, canal and terminals (Oberstar, 2008).

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