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Important Dates:

·      Rough Draft/Outline of Prospectus due in class for workshopping: Friday, March 10

·      Final Prospectus due on Canvas: Sunday, March 19 by 12 pm (given the timing of Spring Break, earlier submissions are welcome and encouraged)

·      Annotated Bibliography due on Canvas: April 19 by 8 am

·      Oral Presentations (April 26-May 3) Sign-up sheet to be passed around at a later time

·      Final Paper due on Canvas: May 5 by 12 pm

Grade Breakdown

Prospectus 10% Annotated Bibliography 10% Oral Presentation 10% Final Paper 20%

The Specifics

·      Must be 6-8 pages, double spaced

·      Times New Roman, 12 pt font

·      Hook and Title

·      Note the Essay Option

·      Attach visual, if applicable

·      Sources: Must include at least FIVE acceptable sources with proper in-text citation and a Works Cited page (APA or MLA)

Your Options

This semester, we’ve learned about a variety of arguments and wrote about them. In this final paper, you will be required to develop a more comprehensive paper that combines these arguments into one paper. Here are your options:

Causal + Proposal: The first part of this paper should address causes of your topic (if you wrote a Causal Essay, you can use that as a starting point) and the second half should put forth a proposal for this specific topic/issue. For example, if your paper addresses the causes of academic cheating, the second part of the paper would offer a proposal to combat cheating.

Rogerian + Visual: Using your existing Rogerian essay (with substantial revisions/improvements made to the original, where applicable) or a new topic altogether, you must locate and incorporate a relevant visual argument and analyze this using your understanding (mastery, right?) of rhetorical methods and strategies. For example, your Rogerian essay could address animal testing and your visual argument must be directly related to this same topic. Your visual argument must support your thesis in the Rogerian part of the paper (for example, although there are benefits, animal testing is inhumane) and strengthen your stance.

Ethical + Visual: With this option, you’ll choose a topic that lends itself to an ethical essay, take a position and argue it, and supplement it with a related visual. You will be required to unpack, dissect, and analyze the visual using your understanding of rhetorical strategies and methods. Please note that with this option, your visual can support your thesis OR be a good example of an argument that goes against what you’re saying. If that’s the case, criticize it by pointing out logical fallacies.

The Requirements


Please follow this template:

·      One to two pages

·      List your option

·      Will you be using an existing essay or starting fresh with a new topic?

·      Working Thesis Statement

·      Draft outline/organization – give me a general, brief sense of where you envision this paper heading

·      Sources – list out the sources you’ve already identified and a general word on the types of sources you’re hoping to access very soon

o   My hope is to find another source that explains the type of philosophical reasons that exist for people to not get vaccinated

o   I want to find something that shows the inaccuracies of the internet

o   I want to hopefully find a quote from a doctor that is annoyed with people using the internet to diagnose themselves

·      Questions for me, challenges you’re running into, concerns, etc. These will be discussed during your individual mid-term conference with me.

Annotated Bibliography

You’ll need at least five sources for this paper. In this assignment, you’ll be required to list out all your sources, provide a summary, and tell me how you’re planning on applying it to your argument/paper. We will discuss this in greater detail in the coming weeks.

Oral Presentation

Each student will share their final project in a 10 minute presentation. You’re encouraged to utilize visuals, media, Prezi/PPT. Provide a high-level overview of your project; make it engaging and interesting.

Final Paper

The whole shebang. This is where it all comes together in one nice, pretty, well-researched and organized paper. 

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