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you need to write a thesis in the introduction(

- you need to write a thesis in the introduction(she wrote something for thesis, see if it fits to our topic or not)

- need to take a direct quotes to support our arguments  and make a citation for each quote

- only talk about Erickson's thoughts, AND that means delete the second paragraph in p.1 because it is not talk about Erickson's thought.

- Look at the comments in the first and Second paragraph in P.2 

- Look at the comments in the first paragraph in P.3( last paragraph of our argument) 

- Delete the last paragraph  that talks about Martin's life , and write a conclusion in P.4

you can use quotes from Luther The Reformer book to support Erickson's argument .

Below look at the rubric and the instruction. Also, i have mentioned  pictures for the essay, please read the comments that she wrote about the essay, and fix it.

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