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English Essay- Only Accepting English Majors!! I will Not respond. Please Follow Format that is Attached. DUE: 07/09/17

Major Essay One - Human Trafficking Problem-Solution

When the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed in 2000, it had wide bipartisan support in Congress, with the working definition of trafficking broadly understood as "the transport of persons for the purpose of forced labor in a wide variety of sectors, most notably agriculture, domestic servitude, manufacturing and sex work."  In the ensuing years, the Bush and Obama administrations focused primarily on the last of these - manufacturing and sex work - and the definition of trafficking in persons broadened to include transfer for the purpose of prostitution even when the element of coercion was not present (think "Pimps" and prostitution); however, from the articles and videos, we can see that Human Trafficking occurs for a multitude of reasons.

In a thesis-driven, problem/solution critical essay, address the following questions:

Addressing and Defining the Problem:

1.) How are foreign countries fighting trafficking and what tactics have proven to be most effective? What tactics in the United States have proven to be most successful?

Coming up with Solutions:

2.)How can the United States help combat trafficking globally? In addition to fighting it on our home turf, what will be the most effective way for us to help other countries end trafficking?

3.) What else can be done to expedite the eradication of human trafficking and how can everyday people play a part in combating trafficking?

Paper Requirements:

A. Answer these questions in essay format. This does not mean number and then answer in your paper. However, you may use headers in your essay to help you organize your material. I don't mind you leaving these in your essay either, as it helps me grade your paper a little easier. :)

B. This essay must be 5-6 pages and be in MLA Format. Because you will be using outside sources, you will need a Works Cited page.

C. This essay must contain 3-4 outside sources. You may use the articles that I have provided, but you can also use anything else that you can find. Because I have not provided articles that talk about solutions, you will need to research and venture out on your own.

D. Your paper must address the problem (basically, you are defining Human Trafficking and what the complications are with Human Trafficking) and then address what solutions (basically, how can we stop Human Trafficking - not as easy as it sounds...) there are to mitigate Human Trafficking in the US and/or abroad.

E. For problem-solution formatting help, see the handout in the Resources Tab.

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