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Provide Part II of Team Work

Provide PART II below in a 200 word response with a apa citiation.

Executive Summary

Part I

Norwa-Energy is a growing company with 200 employees, currently selling and marketing energy. Norwa-Energy has the desire to develop into a multi-industry company. To assist with this transition designing a mentoring program would be essential. Through this Executive Summary, we will determine how this program will be an essential part of the growth of this company.

Needs Analysis Assessment

Many large corporations offer mentoring programs to develop and guide individuals towards a successful career. Similar to Norwa-Energy, GE is a conglomerate and offers a mentoring program to new graduates. The program consists of an eight-month rotation in sales/marketing within the chosen business. This process assists the new hires in understanding the KSAâs needed to fulfill all positions within the organization. (Bryant, 2017)

Determine if the mentoring program will be formal or informal

A formal mentoring program includes business objectives, establishes goals, has measurable outcomes, open access to qualified individuals, a strategic pairing of mentors and mentorees, lasts 9-12 months, expert training and support, and direct organizational benefits. An informal mentoring program is the exact opposite and does not offer any of these structural features. For Norwa-Energy and the development plans a formal program would be most beneficial. (Management Mentors, 2017)

Part II

⢠Mentor first meeting check list and meeting guide

⢠Mentee first meeting check list and meeting guide



As a growing company with aspirations to develop into a multi-industry organization, Norwa-Energy can connect new graduates with opportunities within their organization. These opportunities can develop knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities while increasing productivity. (Bryant, 2017)

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