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Ethical News Story

GOAL: Create a 600-700 word written script/text for a video news story (with minimum five citations/references) that gives an analysis of a recent ethics scandal, corporate social responsibility scandal, or environment sustainability scandal. Be sure that your presentation makes a definitive statement connecting strategic planning to ethical, moral, social responsibility of organizations. In other words, this is not merely a report, but a scholarly exposé of the ethical effects of strategic planning. 


     *Write 600-700 word paper that is written as a news story, and give an analysis of a recent (last three years) management scandal involving ethics, corporate social responsibility, or environment sustainability.

     *Connect the news story you present with the need for ethics and social responsibility in strategic planning.            *How could a more effective strategic plan affect the issue(s) included in the news story?  

NOTE: This paper will not be examined for APA compliance, but will be checked for appropriate source verification. Therefore, show your sources clearly (using citations is the most effective way to link sources with references). The writing should contain a minimum of five scholarly citations/references beyond your textbook (use the APUS Online Library as resource)

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