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Extended marketing strategy that will help Green Kinetic Ltd. Successfully. (ArkansasWriter)

Green energy is here to stay, instead of relying on someone else for generating renewable enerygy, why don't you do it. The answer is kinetic energy, generating electricity through movement to power your personal devices. The device is the size of an iPod, and is attached to your body, and when you move it generates a charge, like biking, gym, jogging, dancing. It can also be put in your bag.

In this assessment we need to develop a marketing strategy mix of 2 of those 4 elements: product, price, promotion, place. Any of those two. 

Section 1: Background summary of assessment 2 (I will attach my assignment 2)  which just needs to identify the target market, and my positioning statement. In assessment 2 i failed to provide the requested target market, but the target market is the Melbourne metropolitan market. Please give a small brief summary of how green kinetic should position themselves in that market , since i didnt include it in assessment 2, and the positioning statement i put.

Section 2 (800 words): Provide a fully referenced discussion of two of the extending marketing mix elements that we are recommending to be used by the organisation, with justification, this should include:

-Relevant aspects of the Marketing Mix elements which will be picked ( any 2 from these 4 specific ones, promotion, place, people, price)

-How they should be used, specifically.

-Justify the recommended used marketing mix elements

-Make sure to discuss how these strategic recommendations will help Green Kinetic Ltd. meet the needs of the target market we identified, and their ideal positioning.

Section 3 Conclusion (200 words) : Summarise the significant elements of all 3 assessments( i will attach my first and secon assessments), and state the implications for the company of findings from these reports, and what marketing metrics would you recommend to measure the success of the plan.

Harvard Style of referencing, 10 references at least.

Word document:

12 points, Times New Roman, fully justified paragraphs, 1.5, or double spaced. Normal Margins, 2.54 cm  left right top bottom. Include title page, table of contents. relevant headings and sub headings

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