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final case study of business and society,current topic pertaining to the interests, conflicts, and compromises that emerge between business and society.

first draft Due date 04 12   

second draft due date 04 24 

The final report (10 double-spaced pages of text) must address a current topic (within the past 2 years) pertaining to the interests, conflicts, and compromises that emerge between business and society.  

Example topics include 

(1) the role of business in general, and advertising specifically, in establishing body image; 

(2) the proper use of social media by employees; 

(3) managing diversity in the workplace; 

(4) managing public issues in the cruise industry

(5) the appropriate role of unmanned drones in business and society. 

 Students can consult with textbooks, articles, and other reference materials.  Avoid Internet materials that are not sponsored by a reputable source.  All supporting materials must be cited correctly in the text and referenced appropriately at the end of the report (Chicago Style preferred; http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html). 

The primary aims of this assignment are to:

demonstrate your understanding of classroom material

learn how to select a thought-provoking and feasible business and society topic

practice organizational and writing skills

gain research experience preparing a technical report

Without references, there is no project


    1. Each topic must be supported with at least five unique and reputable/rigorous sources

 2. reputable sources suggestion:

Business Week

The Economist

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

The Washington Post

Academic journals

    1. orgnization: Title Page

Introduction/Motivation (1 page)

Background and Description of the Issues (4 pages)

Applications to Business and Society (2 pages)

Present and Future Recommendations (2 pages)

Summary and Conclusion (1 page)

References (Chicago Style)

Tables (if applicable)

Appendices (e.g., sources)

No less or more than 10 double-spaced pages for the body of the paper (Introduction through Conclusion)

The final product is a direct reflection of your interests, ability, integrity, and professionalism

Don’t skimp on organization, appearance, and presentation

All papers should be free of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and other editorial problems

Be original and creative

No direct quotes, minimal paraphrasing, don’t rehash existing recommendations, etc.

No plagiarism!

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