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final paper

For your Final Paper, you will write a Sexual Autobiography. Read through the instructions VERY CAREFULLY: Sexual Autobiography Guidelines 2017.docx 

  • The autobiography is an analysis of the development of your “sexual self.”
  • It should attempt to answer the question, “How did I become the sexual person I am today?”  by considering your own development as it relates to the issues discussed in class (reflecting on what has influenced your beliefs, attitudes, values and behavior in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships, such as parents, religion, culture, media, peers, experiences).
  • It is not the case that one needs to have had intercourse or be sexually active in order to write this paper.
  • It is also not necessary to disclose any personal information beyond what is comfortable for you in order to write a thoughtful paper.  You may disclose as little or as much as you are comfortable with.
  • Must be 6-8 pages
  • Must include a Works Cited page with TWO sources (which does NOT count as one of the 6-8 pages). 
  • See Grading Rubric for Final Paper for exact point breakdown
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