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Finance 331 question legal environment of business

19.Virginia's e-commerce law makes repeated spamming of the computer networkof another in Virginia a felony punishable by fine and prison. Such law can beclassified as:a.Criminal, substantive, and public.b.Civil, substantive, and private.C.Criminal, procedural, and private.d.Civil, procedural, and private.20.Public school math teacher Calvin Quirky holds strong religious views oncontroversial topics and is not afraid to espouse those views during class.Complaints from students 'parents cause Principal Ralph Restraint to demandthat Quirky refrain from "preaching" in class or be fired. Quirky refuses to refrain,s fired, and then sues for a violation of his First Amendment rights. Whatprovision of the First Amendment could the school use to best defend its actionto fire Quirky?a.The Free Exercise Clause.b.The Establishment Clause.C.The Free Association Clause.d.All of the above are equally good.21. Considering free speech and the Internet, one can conclude that:a.The debate over jurisdiction has featured high-profile cases where freespeech and press concerns are the real underlying issue.b.U.S. law provides more protection to Internet free speech than courts inother countries, including Australia, France, and Germany.C.U.S. courts appear to favor free speech and press on the Internet morethan they do other media.d.All of the above.-10-MacBook Pro

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