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Financial Analysis of the McDonald's Corporation Stock ticker symbol, exchange where traded MCD, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Address of company...

Read the attached Financial Analysis of McDonald's and make a case study presentation. Use the following outline for the case study presentation:Brief DescriptionYour summary of findings message should begin with a brief description of the company (no more than one paragraph).Overall Financial StatusYour summary of findings message should contain your estimate of the overall financial status of the company (briefly summarized).SpecificsYour summary of findings message should have the following specifics which all should be briefly summarized:Principal StrengthsPrincipal Weaknesses(optional) Other CommentsRecommendationsYour summary of findings message should conclude with a summary of any recommendations that you may have.You may add to the above outline if you have additional points you feel need to brought up, but your presentation must contain at least those items shown.Your complete presentation should be no more than one page long. (At least 250 words).

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