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Financial Projections and Budget

The Financial Projections and Budgets section of your marketing plan includes budget details of expected revenue, estimated expenses, and a break-even analysis. (Just as you are working with an imaginary company and product, you can come up with imaginary details - but that show sound financial reasoning!)

Complete your Financial Projections and budget by providing 1-2 paragraphs about each of the following items. Remember to include at least one research source - with your citation at the end in APA format.

Sales Revenue Forecast: What is your projected sales volume by month for the first year? (Refer to the pricing section of your marketing plan to help you with your sales forecast.)Expense Forecast: What are your total expected marketing costs? Break your costs down by each marketing, promotion, and advertising program that you listed earlier in your plan.Break-Even Analysis: The break-even-analysis is the price at which total revenue equals total cost and profit is zero. This shows how many units must be sold monthly to offset the monthly fixed costs and average per-unit variable costs.
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