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FIS 240 Week 1 DQs

In this paperwork of FIS 240 Week 1 DQs you will find the next information:

DQ 1: Post your response to the following scenario: You are shopping for furniture for your new apartment. The salesperson tells you that there is a special promotion this month. You can choose between two payment plans: (a) defer your $4,000 total payment for 1 year, with no interest or other charges, or (b) receive a $250 discount by paying only $3,750 today. Which payment plan will you choose and why? What would make you choose the other plan? Explain your reasoning.

DQ 2: Post your response to the following scenario: You are an investment advisor and your client is interested in two stock investments. Investment A is a relatively new company which is growing rapidly, but not paying dividends. Investment B is a mature company that has paid dividends consistently over the past 10 years. How would you help your client evaluate these two investments?

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