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For Don Timoh- English Essay about an education-centric topic.

Hey Don,

For this essay, you will choose an education-centric topic from the class lessons. 

  • School to Prison Pipeline
  • Education in Prison
  • Charter Schools
  • Teachers Unions
  • Student Loan Debt

Essay Requirements:

  • You have to use Cause and Effect essay type on this essay. Also, essay must contain both cause and effect part.
  • Write a 1000-1200 word MLA cause and effect research paper using the guidelines. I uploaded these guidelines in the attachments section.
  • I have provided several sources for you, but you will need to find three additional sources on your own. Your paper must total at least five sources. 
  • These need to be argumentative, academic sources—the dictionary or encyclopedia-type sources do not count towards this total.
  • If there are no research or MLA citations (in-text or full) it will result in a failing grade
  • You must include on graph to enhance your argument

Don't forget to use graph. You must include on graph... 

I want to see minimum 5 sources in Text Citation page. (At least 5 sources). (It must be 2-3 your sources and 2-3 my sources). And you have to use academic sources).

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