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For Prof James

After reading the case, write a comment conducting an analysis of Disney’s strategy when entering France: what changes did they make in their parks, management, etc.  Make sure to address what their strategy was regarding HRM.  Do you agree with their strategy?  To answer this question well, you must really think about what Disney sells and what elements it takes to deliver their service.  Your answer should include three elements:

-Element 1: Discuss two or three areas (include HR topics) that Disney either decided to change or not change when opening Euro Disney.  Do you think the decisions they made to either change something or transfer their practices/services as is, were correct? 350 words

-Element 2: References from the textbook (include page numbers) with evidence/data/arguments that helped you arrive at your decision.

-Element 3: Write a takeaway from this case. 250 words.

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