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For this assignment, you will search the internet and find a minimum of two articles with an incident when physical security failed. You will then provide a brief overview of the event. After that, yo

For this assignment, you will search the internet and find a minimum of two articles with an incident when physical security failed. You will then provide a brief overview of the event. After that, you will then write at least three (3) paragraphs on each article. Each paragraph will have at least four (4) complete sentences with a DIFFERENT in-text citation. In this section, you will write what protocols you would have put in place if you were in charge of security for the organizations mentioned in the articles. Please ensure that your posted assignments coincide with the requirements in the syllabus and rubric.

Additionally, examine the description which you are creating the report and point out the areas where you believe their intended security protocols might be vulnerable, as well as ways to improve their strategies.

Please discuss potential vulnerabilities in two paragraphs. You must have a minimum of 3 credible citations to support your claims or arguments.

This should be In different page-- You need to examine the below mentioned  Article 1 and Article 2and describe the following protocols and point out the areas where you believe their intended security protocols might be vulnerable, as well as ways to improve their strategies.

Article 1

Brief Overview:

The physical security incident happened in the Chinese Zoo (Qixing Park Zoo) where a 20-year-old student jumped inside a 2-meter barrier ignoring the warning signs. Inside the barrier was a big size Panda who then attacked the student. When the person was asked the reason for his action, he mentioned that he wanted to cuddle the Panda. The student sustained many bites from the Panda and was saved by the worker at the park. 


When it comes to security you must always consider the risks (Goodman, 2018). This incident happened in Qixing Park Zoo. The Zoo has considered various threats including the scenario where the Panda might come out and attack the people. The security team never considered the risk of someone either going inside the barrier between the man and the animals. It shows that they have ignored this course of action. It can be considered that this course of action is not really something that can happen often but then I would disagree with this since we never know what can happen. Hence, it is important to consider all the scenarios.

A company needs administrative, technical, and physical control to run their organization smoothly (Shaikh, 2019). Hence considering all the security aspects is a very important element in tightening physical security and not letting any action result in these kinds of situations. There was a great amount of security from the inside It is very important to understand what the desired outcome is required. The purpose that the fence was there is to protect the human from any kind of endanger. Why is the panda locked away? It was locked because to protect both the human and the Panda.

The issue here was that the fence was placed as just a boundary for the animal rather than a protective measure for the safety against the intruder. The fence that they had was brittle one and was just 6.5 feet. Any man or woman who is more than 5 feet can try and jump inside. Hence it is important that they place at least a 10 feet fence which would keep the human from trying to get inside the barrier. I would increase the Inner Perimeter security and the Outer Perimeter security if I was the in charge of security and also make sure the barriers are more than 10 feet of height. Barbed wire is one of the types of fences that involves the use of a steel fencing wire with sharp edges at different intervals (Rogers, 2019). This would be the best fence to use in these scenarios because the human will not take the risk of jumping or crossing this kind of sharp fence.

Article 2

Brief Overview

Barclays Bank branch in Swiss Cottage, North London was robbed of 1.3 million dollars on 19thSeptember 2013. 8 people were arrested later for performing this action. It was reported that a days before the incident, a man visited the branch describing that he is an IT guy and he is there to fix the computer. He gets access to the Swiss Cottage branch computer and then accesses the whole network from the branch. He used a KVM switch which will be useful to control all other computers in the network.


It is not common for a bank to usually let unknown people inside without the check of their identity. This shows that the happening of this event was the results of a physical security breach. The bank had the bank end computers which was connected to the bank's network. The access to the network can be acquired if the intruder gets hold of any computer in the network. Care should be taken when determining individual security needs to integrate physical security standards, but only if the conditions require or permit them (Fennelly & Tyska, 1983). It is important that the computers in the bank branch have enough physical and technical security.

A computer in a network can be an access point and this access point has been controlled in this specific incident. Access operations in the cyber-physical system result in diverse impacts on human beings and are perceived with different importance (Lee, Lim & Kim, 2017). The security personnel has been very irresponsible in performing the check of the identity of the intruder. The believed that the guy who came in was to repair the computer and they just let him in. It is a well-planned operation. The intruder was certain that the bank physical security was not strong and can easily be broken.

KVM chips (keyboard video mouse), a gadget which can fit into the back of a machine are 20 $ in the market and these are used to get quick access of a network with getting access to a computer in that network. These chips can be accessible to anyone as it is extremely cheap. Hence it is very important for big companies to know that there may be many threats and that they should have very strict physical and technical security. Social engineering and physical pen-testing are topics that large organizations, especially in the financial sector, consider when evaluating risk (Rangan, 2019). The Robbery that happened in the bank was the result of poor physical security and not having properly checking the person who was given access inside the bank. If I will be in charge of the security, I would increase the Interior security, access controls, and the outer perimeter security. There is a necessity to also increase the protocols that the employees follow and also the guest invitation methods. The secured areas must have enough security that it should be very difficult to access. There should be enough knowledge about the security protocols for every employee in the bank. This can be improved with proper training to the security personals and having very strict protocols to follow them.


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