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formulating a research question on a HR topic 4000 word litrature review....- PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING

I work in the logistics industry and need to complete a dissertation

I have written the overview about the company but my main focus is on the overland delivery- so my main focus is on the transport department who deals with 116 drivers

The dissertation has to cover a HR topic, I wanted to go down the route of is HR there for the employees or management or maybe something else…..up to the author

I need someone to formulate a question with aims and objectives and to write a literature review (4000 words)

I will do the rest such as… however I will be using questionnaires and the SPSS to complete the findings

The issues I see at the depot

As the HR manager for this site is none existent… the only time they are present is for disciplinary in which you are guilty before the employees have a chance to put their side of the issue across… other drivers get away with the same issues at times but if your less liked you put on a warning or dismissed.

There is also the issue of most of the population of drivers are of polish nationality in which the line manager is the same nationality….there is an element of fear amongst these drivers as there is a language barrier and them not understanding the polices… if they don’t do as he wants they then become under scrutiny

Drivers are demotivated and performance and satisfaction is at its low, however the salary for the drivers is very attractive

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