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Full Security AnalysisResourcesFull Security Analysis Scoring Guide. Writing Feedback Tool. Stock-Trak Global Portfolio Simulations.This is the third component of your course project.This week, you

Full Security Analysis


  • Full Security Analysis Scoring Guide.
  • Writing Feedback Tool.
  • Stock-Trak Global Portfolio Simulations.

This is the third component of your course project.

This week, you will complete a full security analysis as well as your weekly portfolio analysis. The combined length of the assignment should be no more than 2–3 pages (including any graphics).

For the full security analysis, select at least one company from your initial portfolio and complete the following activities: (Ford Motor is the company I picked in prior weeks.)

  • Obtain financial statements for the company. Calculate the ratios, and compare these ratios to those of the industry in which your company operates.
  • Calculate the P/E ratio, price-to-book ratio, stock's beta, profit margin, dividend yield, and earnings growth rate. Provide an interpretation of each and how these are related to your portfolio objectives.
  • Comment on the conclusions you draw from these results.

Note: This project scenario is based on the stock market games found on the Internet.

In your ongoing weekly portfolio analysis, include the following elements:

  • A weekly performance record of your portfolio, in comparison with a selected benchmark.
  • The background information on macroeconomic, industrial, financial market, political, or other news events that might affect the risk and return of the portfolio. You are encouraged to keep a weekly journal of these events. Note: You will be required to provide a summary of these events in an appendix of your final paper.
  • A reassessment of asset investments, accompanied by detailed analysis and rationale.
  • A review of the changes in the risk of the portfolio and recalculation of the portfolio's beta, based on your buying and selling of securities.
  • Your comments on trading activity (or turnover), including any contemporary factors (fiscal, economic, industry- or sector-specific, and political issues).
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