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Future Models for Workplace Structure in Technology-Intensive Organization

This paper includes material found in Chapters 15, 16, 17, and 18 of the course textbook. Based on your reading of the textbook material, outside readings, and literature research, write an original research paper with the title: Future Models for Workplace Structure in Technology-Intensive Organizations  Your paper is to have a title page, introduction, body with a well-developed conclusion and reference page. The paper must be from 2,000 to 2,250 words including the title page, body, and reference page.  Your paper is to have a minimum of 5 (five) cited references obtained from articles found in refereed journals, articles from edited magazines published by professional organizations or societies, articles from refereed proceedings of professional conferences and/or published books.  NOTE: NO ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THE INTERNET THAT IS NOT DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO AN ESTABLISHED PEER-REVIEWED PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE, JOURNAL OR MAGAZINE IS ACCEPTABLE AS A CITED REFERENCE SOURCE. Published books are acceptable. The course textbook may be used as one reference source.  Always keep in mind the intended reader(s) of your research paper when developing and writing your paper. The reader must receive value from your research and what you write. Utilize graphs, charts, tables or figures if it enhances the point(s) you are making. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THESE ITEMS IN YOUR PAPER!!  Your research paper must be written at the graduate level and should demonstrate a high degree of understanding on your part about the topic of this assignment. it should be in apa format 5 referenes

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