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1.Find an article that interests you either in the library databasesor from a major internet news sources such as CNN.

2.Read the article.

3.Analyze the article using key terms from our text (such as genre,topic, angle, audience, etc.). I expect to see these terms in yourpost. Make sure your analysis is organized, uses transitions, and has athesis. The thesis can be as simple as mentioning the article, whereit is from, and if it is a good/bad article. Remember to properlypunctuation the title of articles, magazines, and newspapers. (For assistanceon how to do this, go to Purdue OWL: MLA Basic Format (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/05...)and scroll down to âCapitalization and punctuationâ.)

4.Include the proper MLA citation for the article below youranalysis

Submission: Your response mustbe a minimum of 250 words. Although I suggest you write and edit the postin Word, copy your response directly into your discussion reply so fellowstudents can easily read it without needing to open an attachment.

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