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Research Paper

Research Paper Requirements

  1. From the list below, select a topic which interests you.

  2. Research the topic in detail.

  3. Write a five page (double spaced) paper on your chosen topic.

  4. This assignment must be typed.

  5. Your paper must be properly documented according to the MLA format/style of documentation (parenthetical notes with a works cited page).  Check out the information regarding MLA format and plagiarism.

  6. Your works cited must contain a minimum of five different sources, one of which is to be your text book and of the other four one must be another book.

  7. The paper must be submitted not later than the date specified in the syllabus.

  8. Before turning in the assignment, make sure to consult the checklist below.

Checklist for Term Paper

My research topic is from the approved list of topics.

  • My paper is typed and saved as a .rtf document.

  • The body of my paper is five (5) pages in length.

  • My paper has one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right).

  • I used a font that is no more than 12 point and a plain arial type.

  • My paper is double spaced.

  • I have put a parenthetical notation at the end of each paragraph (at minimum) and at the end of each direct quote to indicate the source.

  • I have provided a "works cited" page at the end of the paper listing all sources cited. (The page must be typed according to the MLA format).

  • I have used a minimum of five different sources cited in this paper.

  • I have edited the paper for spelling and grammar.

  • My name is on the paper.

Late papers will lose points. 

In case your paper is lost in transit to me, you MUST make and hold on to a backup copy.

Grading of the Focus paper

  • A "works cited" of at least five (5) sources - 70 points possible

  • Proper use of MLA style - a works cited and parenthetical notations - 70 points possible

  • The extent to which the paper demonstrates outside research - 70 points possible

  • Proper use of grammar and spelling - 70 points possible

  • A total of 340 points are possible for this assignment.

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