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Group Assignment: (General Electric) and Individual Paper: (Rooms To Go Furniture)

(Assignment 1) Hello, I was wondering if you can help me out with this assignment.. It is due this upcoming Monday. It is part 4 of the assignment you helped me with last time on the company Rooms To Go Furniture. As I have mentioned before my new professor is very strict and he wants things to be detailed following through with his instructions for the assignment to a T. I also cannot go over the word count but I must be exactly at the word requirement. I will be also be giving you the last assignment that was completed on this company, pleae do not copy anything from the assignment it is only meant for you to review to understand what has been going on so far and to create a good flow for the next assignment. This assignment must be an original thought. Thank you so much for your help in advance!!!

The company I have chosen is: Rooms To Go Furniture

Here is the Assignment:

Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis

Write a 1,400-word minimum strategic implementation plan in which you include the following:

  • Create an implementation plan including:
    • Objectives
    • Functional tactics
    • Action items
    • Milestones and deadlines
    • Tasks and task ownership
    • Resource allocation
  • Recommend any organizational change management strategies that may enhance successful implementation.
  • Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.
  • Create a risk management plan including contingency plans for the identified risks.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

(Assignment 2) Hello here is the next assignment that I have. It is a group power point but i am only responsible for my portion, it must have detailed speaker notes as well. I will be attaching the full powerpoint but please only fill my portion not the rest of the teams. I will be writing in bold print beloiw what I am responsible for. The company the team chose was: (General Electric Company)

Here are the parts im responsible for in bold:

Please work within the power that i have provided in the attached document with speaker notes.

  • Perform competitor analysis.
  • Develop strategic recommendations to the board of directors including rationale.
  • Create a profile of the current CEO including the following:
    • Background and accomplishments
    • Education and educational experiences
    • Length of time in the current position
    • Major career accomplishments
    • Leadership and management styles
    • Vision for the company
    • Innovative accomplishments
    • Conclusion
    • Reference page

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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