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Hello As we discusses i have to do SPSS analysis

Hello As we discusses i have to do SPSS analysis and interpreted report for the research in Bsc program and the y have mention the further steps to follow and the total word count is 2000 (with out SPSS analysis) 4.1 Introduction 4.2 .Univariate Analysis 4.3 Byvariate Analysis 4.4 Estimation of emparical Model 4.4.1 Sample 4.4.2 Validity & Reliability 4.4.3 Model Fit 4.5 Chapter Summary My Heading is work life balance and its effect on employee productivity in Amana Bank and the conceptual frame work is Independent Variable Depended Variable 1. Work load 2. Competency of employee 3. Commitment of Employee Employee Productivity 4. Percentage of Maturity 5. Proper Working Environment and i have completed my datacollection and it with me in Excel may i know your price for it

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