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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Should Women Breastfeed In Public. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Should Women Breastfeed In Public. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Nowadays, many mothers shy away from breastfeeding in public, and some even breastfeed their babies in washrooms or with a blanket on their heads! Is this fair to your baby? Nope, it is not.

&nbsp.We live in a society which comprises of hypocrites. It is right to show some breasts on televisions and magazines, but it is never right to show it when breastfeeding. When did logic in our society change? Since when was it disgusting to feed our young ones at their command? The importance of breastfeeding whenever and however, to the baby, cannot be overemphasized. Society dictates everything. There are different controversies in the society about breasts, a sexual organ being shown out in the open. The breast is just a modified apocrine sweat gland! Other thoughts aside, everybody has breasts. With how precious our little ones are, there is no way that you, as a mother, would not heed to the demands of your baby, such as breastfeeding it in public. Women should breastfeed in public, and here are the reasons why:

  • A hungry baby is an angry baby

For those who feel that breastfeeding in public is disgusting, I will ask you two questions. Have you ever been to a place where there is a hungry baby or a toddler? How does the baby behave? The wailing of a child is never cute. You only see these adorable angels when they are quiet and full, but trust me, when the baby is hungry, it will wail until you cave in to their demands. Some would not even quiet down until they see some breast. So public or not dear mothers, better breastfeed that baby or else you and the companions around you will be making a visit to the pharmacy store for some relief for a major headache!&nbsp.

  • They are nourishing their babies, not flashing!

From a mothers’ point of view, breastfeeding is purely for the babies. These mothers experience so much discomfort trying to practice breastfeeding in the presence of many people. Rather than throwing them judgmental and dirty looks about how they are exposing themselves in the open, try to understand them. It is very uncomfortable for these women to nurse in public, but thinking about how precious their little ones are, they still sacrifice their comfort for them.

&nbsp.Put yourself in the little one’s shoes. If you were a baby, would you rather have your mom feed you in an unsanitary place just because people are against it? No, you won’t. These angels are too precious, and feeding them in unsanitary places like the washroom may compromise their fragile immunity. Get off your high horse. The breasts are not for you. there are there to feed the little ones.

  • It is the baby’s right

Whenever you get hungry, no matter the place, you will get food to quell your hunger. So, why should you deny the baby its right just because you abhor breastfeeding in public? Picture a scenario where you are hungry, and it’s a 3-hours journey. The first thing that you do is to get that snack bar or that sandwich you packed, so how do you expect these little angels to be able to stay a 3-hours journey or even a second with their hunger whereas you at that age cannot even be able to hold your hunger.

  • It is legal to show some breast when nursing

Hello! Breastfeeding in public is recognized and legalized in many countries. Even from way before, women from all over the world have been practicing breastfeeding in public without any fear. In the future, should you want to practice breastfeeding in public, know that you are not breaking any law? Breastfeeding in public is backed by the law.

  • It is safe

Every mother is always concerned about their baby’s health and safety. Some of these angels are way too young. They do not even know how to latch onto the breast. Bottle feeding is associated with some degree of infection in these precious angels. I would rather show some breast in public for my baby rather than risk diarrheal infection in my little one. Our little darlings are too precious and too fragile. Even at your age, you do not even take cold food. So, why should you force these precious angels to feed something that even you the adult cannot? It just is not fair. Breastfeeding for your baby equals warm food and a future free from diseases.

  • Breasts are just portable lunch boxes&nbsp.

There is nothing sexual about breasts. They are there to feed their young ones. Come on. these mothers are entirely focused on how to feed their young ones while ensuring that they are fully comfortable. Public or not they, do not even care. It is not sexual to show some breast on magazines and television, but it is when you see a breastfeeding mother!

Since when did the morals in our society become eroded? The society is supposed to encourage nursing. I thought these darlings were our priority. If you see anything sexual about breastfeeding, then you should probably get checked in the head. How do you even turn breastfeeding into something sexual? Is there anything sexual when you feed? If so, you are sick in the head.

&nbsp.Nursing mothers do not fear to show some boobs. They are there for your young ones. Regardless of the society you come from, regardless of its beliefs, make your young one the priority. Nurse in public. Celebrate the achievement of being a mom and encourage more mothers to practice breastfeeding whenever. In the future, learn to feed your baby at his command. He deserves it.

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