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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tracking System for Children. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tracking System for Children. It needs to be at least 500 words. We cannot see any disadvantages of these efforts and can declare it as a good investment. But if we look closely, we can find out some new facts. We have determined the ways to prevent the devastating harms of wars but we must ask the question about the more and more dangerous weapons which are clearly used beyond safety purposes. These weapons and pieces of machinery are killing our own people. What is causing these harmful outcomes? What is making wars more and more destructive? What is making people more and more motivated to use their knowledge in a negative way? Probably the mistake is made by our own people, educators or their lack of watchfulness. We cannot deny the usefulness of the new developments, yet, we are far behind in saving ourselves from those advancements. These new technologies must be ‘used’ not ‘misused’.

2: It is undoubtedly clear that America is one of the wealthiest, prosperous and strong countries. It has gained this power and success after great struggles and efforts. However, there are some natural benefits that America had. Regardless of these natural benefits, we can still conclude that the American nation has utilized its intellect, insight, and creativity to make the most out of these benefits. It is evident that education helped them enhance their abilities, creativity, and inventiveness. There more and more emphasis on education created the great personalities who developed and invented new technologies which were beneficial to utilize those natural resources in a more fruitful way. Many other countries are also full of natural resources but their inattention to the education they are left behind.

3: Knowing the importance of education, researchers and educators are always in a search to find out the best possible way to maintain all the children on the same level. However, due to some disabilities, weaknesses or mental miseries, some children do not respond in the same way as other children do. In order to implement some new techniques these slow-progressing students are provided with a different learning environment and different methods are used according to their mental level. Sometimes they are separated on the basis of race, religion, social group, etc. These statements give a reasonably positive picture of the ‘Tracking’ system. However, the separation on the basis of religion, race and social groups may end up creating a gap between them. Such systems may also create a sense of discrimination which would prevail even in their future life. However, this system can be taken as advantageous for those who are disabled (mentally or physically).

4: It is clear from this post that ‘tracking’ system for children may sometimes be useful but it may have more negative effects than other options. Children sitting in the same class, interacting with each other may feel more comfortable and easy to adopt the habits, qualities, and actions of each other. Of course, the burden lies on the teacher to motivate the positive actions and de-motivate the negative habits. Tracking children with low learning speed in a group may create a lack of confidence and self-belief in them. They may feel isolated. These things may further slow down their progress. Hence, in conclusion, we can say that the tracking system should not be adopted without proper care and careful planning. The children must not feel isolated. Moreover, they must be motivated and appreciated in every small achievement.

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