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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Impact of technology on society Phone. It needs to be at least 2500 words.Download file to see previous pages... People use it in their daily lives

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Impact of technology on society Phone. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

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People use it in their daily lives for communicating with friends, family and colleagues. In the same way, it is used in business organizations as a most powerful communication tool. The basic purpose of this research is to analyze how this technology has changed the shape of society. This paper will discuss the past, present and future if this technology. In this scenario, this research will outline the applications of this technology in various areas of life and what role it plays in society. What is the technology? It is an admitted fact that the impact of the telephone on society started immediately after Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of telephone system. Basically, the major objective of Alexander Graham Bell was to build a telephone that could provide everyone (whether they are rich and poor) with a way of collaboration and communication and a capability of technology based systems by making use of the telephone. Without a doubt, the phone, which refers to an electrical setup for copying in remote places the tones and articulations of a speaker's voice, was was basically emerged as the initial communication medium to support us to maintain relationships and dealings over long distances. In addition, Graham Bell also recommended potencies that admittedly sounded utopian. According to his viewpoints “it is believable that cables of telephone wires could be placed underground, or balanced above your head, allowing the communication with branch wires using private residences, country houses, shops, manufactories, etc." (Greatest Achievements3, 2012. Kang, 2005). History and Evolution In order to launch this product he took the help from the forerunner of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company that later on became one of the largest organizations of that time. However, it was split apart in 1989 in an attempt to resolve an antitrust outfit by the U.S. Justice Department, on the other hand AT&amp.T took the ownership and spent hundreds of billions of dollars in purchasing machinery, generated yearly income reaching to approximately 2 percent of the daily used products of the US, and bought by more than a million people. In this scenario, AT&amp.T's division changed the company’s situation radically, however the telephone's basic role in business and personal communications has only increased since the invention of this device. In fact, the current technology is giving Bell's invention a crowd of new powers (Greatest Achievements, 2012. Greatest Achievements, 2012. Kang, 2005). In addition, telephones were used by linking not only through wires but also through microwaves, optical fibers, communications satellites, computerized switching systems and networks of cellular towers that are used to establish connection between two callers on the earth simply and immediately. Additionally, the telephone is currently mediating billions of long distance communications and dealings on a daily basis-eight per person, approximately, in the United States. As Bell demonstrated in his catalog and it is a fact that it is "employed for almost every function and in every walk of life where speech is used," and its uses vary from idle chat to emergency calls. Moreover, with the passage of time the emergence of digital data such as text messages and pictures often moves in the same ways and routes as conversation.

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