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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Los Angeles's Globalization. It needs to be at least 750 words.Download file to see previous pages... Such an activity draws together people from d

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Los Angeles's Globalization. It needs to be at least 750 words.

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Such an activity draws together people from different regions and countries, bringing them into one common place. where the diversity of each participant and audience is experienced. The coming together of communities into a common operation of events that are of global characteristic is the essence of globalization. Contemporary and conventional infrastructure is a component of globalization. Similar architectural designs can be found in more than city, state or country (Johnson, 299). What this means is that a number of countries in that context have shared information, knowledge and skills to the way of getting things done. For instance, China-Los Angeles characteristic relationship between modern structures can represent an aspect of globalization. There are those unique designs and complex architectural developments that can be found in both China and Los Angeles. This aspect depicts an aspect of collaboration in creativity and share of technology in the infrastructure sector. The only relationship that can lead to such observations is a high level of globalization in the context of the two analyzed scenarios. Concepts of globalization are not limited to any specific notion, motive or mode. Mass movements of people from one city to another, one state to another and from one country to another has been characteristic of the globalization process. Different communities are no longer limited to their native lands. they are getting access to the entire world as globalization heightens. It is in this regard that Jewish communities can be found all around the world, and most importantly in Los Angeles. In order to pump more sense into this, a festival like the Song Kran held in Los Angeles is a clear indication of just how much communities and more specifically individuals have evolved and revolutionized to fit into the dynamism of the world society (Moore 177). Assimilation of foreign traditions, customs and cultures are part of the ever changing world of today. Famous traditions and means of recognizing cultures throughout the world have taken another dimension altogether. Cultural practices that were once only specific to some groups in a given state are now found miles away, assimilated by another society. This just shows how the global trend is moving towards uniting the entire world population. Such is the case in Saigon town of Los Angeles. Chinese traditional designs of major entry points characterize this part of Los Angeles. This aspect presents a noticeable element of a globalized Los Angeles, in comparison to the rest of the world. Religious practices have not been left behind in the quest for globalization. These practices are establishing all over the world as people continue to interact and merge with others from different locations of the world. Los Angeles serves as a common basis for this interest through the availability of mosques. Los Angeles is not an Islam dominated city, but has taken into consideration the interests of other communities in its development processes. Presence of mosques merges Islamic contexts into the city, allowing for unionism of diverse inhabitants of the city, both local and international (Samudio 108). Another similar aspect of this is the city-within-a-city notion of Los Angeles.

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