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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Modern Chinese Literature. It needs to be at least 1250 words.The book review “Modern Chinese Literature” demonstrates the main themes of Chine

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Modern Chinese Literature. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The book review “Modern Chinese Literature” demonstrates the main themes of Chinese Literature like nature of people in the modern world. Postmodern urban literature in China explores the kinds of themes which reflect distortion and decline of the human life in the society characterized by a mechanical lifestyle and high technology. As technology began to rule the world, lifestyles and values of people changed which also affected their behavior and thinking. This made a distorted mentality a dominant theme in the works of modern Chinese literature like Fin de Siècle Splendor. In Mo Yan’s story titled Divine Debauchery, the character of Master Jifan is presented to readers as a nonconformist which makes this story a great example of postmodern literature. The common beliefs of postmodern era include judging a person’s worth on grounds of how many material resources he/she has. Such materialistic thinking has also lessened the importance of relationships between people in addition to blurring the line between humans and objects. The story “Escape” by Su Tong seeks to convey this message that when people get caught up in the conflict between responsibilities and escape, they become too dysfunctional and blinded by their warped obsessions to survive. Such depravity has been injected into humanity with more and more people trying to escape the obligations they have towards others. This tendency has made people both ugly and vulnerable.

The world in which patriarchal stereotypes thrive is criticized by Zhu claiming that such a world will collapse soon and “Mia with her memory of smells and colors will survive and rebuild the world from here” (Tianwen 402). Such an imaginative ending by the writer illustrates a postmodern vision in which women hope to be empowered. Mia resents the social order around her which characterizes contemporary world because it does not make her feel fulfilled, rather it contributes to her alienation. Many traditional or orthodox concepts are challenged by Zhu in her story. For example, the approach taken to temporal structure is very unique as the protagonist Mia lives in 1993, while this story gets completed by Zhu in 1990. Unlike previous works, the story is not told in accordance with the time order in Fin de Siecle Splendor. The plot relies heavily on sensual experiences of Mia requiring readers to understand those experiences in order to interpret the story. Mia’s and her friends’ values are very postmodern because in response to the decline in human nature, they also do not attach any importance to things which once used to matter a lot like relationships and family. They have very materialistic views and prefer married men with a lot of wealth to

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