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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The affirmative action policy. It needs to be at least 750 words.Download file to see previous pages... In the year 1961 however, President John F.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The affirmative action policy. It needs to be at least 750 words.

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In the year 1961 however, President John F. Kennedy signed an important executive order which established what was called the President's Commission on Equal employment opportunities. The order therefore charged all contractors who were working for the government or on government projects, to ensure all those who apply to be employed by them are given equal treatment and that they should try as much as possible to eradicate any form of discrimination against any one belonging to any minority during their hiring procedures. The order did not,however,task the contractors to give those applicants belonging to the minority group any special preferences but rather to just eliminate discriminatory practices from their procedures.The Affirmative action became legally backed when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The act however did not state any criminal penalties to be given to any employer found guilty of practising any form of discriminatory practice but rather helped established a condition were the affected person will be given what he/she would have been given or would have acquired in the absence of discrimination. For the past decades discrimination against minority groups like women in certain communities, minority races and immigrants from other countries have caused a lot of problems in the society as a whole and has called for proper attention mostly from human rights activists. Unfortunately, this canker of discrimination although been practised in the present is being propagated into the future also since the younger generations who witness these acts of discrimination from the elderly get influenced by it and see it to be some thing worth doing. In the area of business however this act of discrimination especially during recruitment and even when one is on the job has caused a lot of havoc either in the productivity, efficiency and proper running of a particular business where this is practiced. These problems will be highlighted upon later in the paper.

The main motive behind the this policy of affirmative action however is to manifest the creation of equal opportunities for all , that is to say all persons have the right to equal access and treatment. It is therefore important to note that all persons with equal abilities , should be given equal opportunities and a fair play ground or field when it comes to their self development and in the field of work.

Affirmative actions however differ in distinct ways depending on the methods or procedures it employs in the elimination of discrimination in the business and general society. Some affirmative actions principles have a priority of only reviewing existing or old hiring or recruitment procedures being practised by some organisations and make the necessary recommendations and corrections on this old procedures in order to ensure no form of discriminatory condition is involved during the hiring of employees most especially when it comes to persons found in any of the minority groups either due to their sex, race, religious believe e.t.c. Other affirmative actions aside these also try to rather give some sort of preference to persons found in these minority groups.

In the public sector however, affirmative action plays very important roles in the elimination of discriminatory practices in their recruitment processes. These discriminatory procedures are rarely seen or practised in the public sector due to the strictly laid down rules in the procedures involved in recruitment of employees. These rules are very effective since they are made with very high priority given to the constitution of the country.

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