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Write a 7 page essay on Event Management (Event strategy plan).Download file to see previous pages... People were not happy. This caused severe unrest and people began to revolt. All over the Arab wor

Write a 7 page essay on Event Management (Event strategy plan).

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People were not happy. This caused severe unrest and people began to revolt. All over the Arab world, including Syria. This revolution has done more damage than good, causing a lot of pain and suffering on the women and children of the country. (Jamoul 2012) This section of society hasn’t even had that much of a role in the uprising. But they have been tortured, abused physically, mentally and sexually, till all hope has been lost. Over 500 children have been killed in a year of the uprising. (United Press International 2012). Women and even young girls have been raped and killed, at the hands of authority – like policemen. (Women under siege Syria 2012) The rest are all miserable and scared, and it is time to do something for them. In an effort to make the lives of the victims of the uprising – especially the women and children, we shall organise a fundraiser on an international scale. An event that will show people just how much the uprising has affected this section of society and how badly they are affected. (Peralta 2012) The event will not only be a call for attention but also a cry for action to the privileged so that they can do something for those that have suffered. ...

It will have different elements to it such as an auction by international celebrities of their favourite items, followed by live performances. There will be dances, songs, stand up and so on. But the focus of the night will be on the woman and children of Syria who have had to suffer so much. The night will not just be one of fun. It will be emotional. A rollercoaster of a night that will allow people to enjoy their surroundings and a jarring reminder that they have it easy, by showing them what the women and children are going through. We will show them videos and let them see what is happening. These people will be constantly reminded of the sad plight of thousands of innocent women and children who are suffering at the hands of authority. Strategic Aim The whole point of this event is to create awareness among the people of the world, of the plight of the women and children of Syria. That done, we feel it is our duty to aid them in any way we can. They have suffered enough at the hands of authority, and they need to be rescued. By this event, our objectives are threefold. One, to create an international awareness about the plight of the women and children in Syria. Two, to generate funds to aid these victims. And three, to set up trusts that will ensure that the victims are taken care of. All donations will be anonymous. The framework of objectives would need to be broad enough to include the large variety of event genres, but still be lean enough to work with. (Damm 2011). Research Management Events such as these happen all the time. Celebrities and the ‘big shots’ get together to support a cause, have a good time and donate what they wish to a charity of sorts.

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