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Hello, I need a reflection letter for the attach research Advanced Composition Portfolio Reading Committee, Plaza College Dear Portfolio Reading Committee: In the first paragraph, state the topic a

Hello,  I need a reflection letter for the attach research

 Advanced CompositionPortfolio Reading Committee, Plaza CollegeDear Portfolio Reading Committee:In the first paragraph, state the topic and position of your portfolio [Example: Myportfolio topic is the federal income tax and my position is that it should not beeliminated because the money is needed for effective schools, affordable health care, anda strong national defense]. Describe intended audience [Example: My intended audienceis people who are undecided about the federal income tax]. State all the pieces you haveincluded in your portfolio (see page 1 of portfolio instructions).In the second paragraph, state how your writing and information literacy skills (research,APA format, revising) have improved as a result of this portfolio project. Explain howyour writing has also developed by adding primary research (the interview) to the essayprocess and what you learned by completing the interview.In the third paragraph, describe one or more new concepts learned in class (other than theinterview), such as concepts from the textbook. Explain how these concepts and this classhave helped you come closer to achieving your personal and professional writing goals.Sincerely,1234 

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