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Hello, I need help with a few questions please. If possible can you please provide excel formula as well for questions 2 and 3 as I am very confused

(Select the correct answer from the choices below.)

A. 0.20

B. 0.32

C. 0.40

D. 0.88

3.  A confidence interval was used to estimate the proportion of statistics students that are males. A random sample of 115 statistics students generated the following 90% confidence interval: (0.557, 0.673). Based on the interval above, is the population proportion of males equal to 0.60?

A) Yes, and we are 90% sure of it.

B) Yes, and we are 95% sure of it.

C) Maybe. 0.60 is a believable value of the proportion based on the information given.

D) No. The proportion is 54.17%.

E) No, and we are 90% sure of it.

F) No, and we are 95% sure of it.

4.   This question is related to simple linear regression. In simple linear regression, the goal is to determine if there is a linear change in the _______ variable based on a change in the ______ variable. The dependent variable will always be a ________ variable. If a negative relationship is found, this means that as the independent variable _______, the dependent variable _______.

(Select the correct answer from the choices below to correctly fill in the blank words.)

A. dependent, independent, categorical, increases, decreases

B. independent, dependent, categorical, increases, decreases

C. independent, dependent, categorical, decreases, increases

D. dependent, independent, numerical, increases, decreases

E. dependent, independent, numerical, decreases, increases

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