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We can all agree that we feel our best

when we get a good night's sleep. For most adults, between seven and

eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. What are some of the

effects of sleep deprivation? What happens to you when you are tired?

What are some of the causes of sleep disturbances? What can we do to

improve the quality of our sleep? Write a paper answering these

questions. Here is a link for research http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders but use multiple other sources, use 10-12 in text cites in text cites and 10-12 references but keep everything else original wording for a low plag score. 12 point times new roman font, one inch margins,double spaced, APA format and also 7-8 pages Use at least 7 other sources using in text cites , and be sure to address each of the questions in this assignment.

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