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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on both 'pale fire' by nabokov and 'watchmen' by alan moore contain formal elements that disrupt the standard experience of reading Paper must be at le

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on both 'pale fire' by nabokov and 'watchmen' by alan moore contain formal elements that disrupt the standard experience of reading Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The instability of the texts forces one to continually question the truth versus the falsehood, as well as, the hazy, shade lines, which culturally divided fiction from non-fiction. On the other hand, ‘Watchmen' is also another novel that was written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1987. The ‘watchmen’ is a graphic tale, which originated from the description projected by Alan Moore (Moore and Dave 21). The novel provides reality narratives that took place during the year 1980s (Moore and Dave 32). It begins as a murder-mystery but attempts to reveal the American superheroes that changed the history when the United States of America won the Vietnam War. Therefore, Moore and Nabokov employed postmod in the novel writing because they wanted the ideal readers outside the text to interpret and help the writer to complete the text. Both novels of Nabokov and Moore contain formal elements that interrupt the normal experience of reading a novel, forcing readers to move back and forth during the reading process. The authors employed the postmod elements of writing because of varied reasons, and demands active role or requires the reader to pay more attention to the narratives or writings. They demand the reader to participate in the narrative. thereby, allows the reader to make their own comments towards the narratives. This structure of writing at times makes the reader to develop his or her textual elements within the narrative. For instance, the novel of Pale Fire has four main sections one of which is a short forward by Kinbote who celebrated the work of John Shade. Kinbote forwarded the work of Shade after the death of Shade but the front part is a long interpretation part. this is the part where Kinbote gets everything incorrect because it is a collection of false impression interpretation. The author uses different readers to portray the functionality of the text in order to reveal to the reader that perhaps the narrative have varied meanings and interpretations to different readers. Secondly, both authors wanted the perfect readers to construe and help the novelists to complete the text. The perfect readers are the ones who help the writer to complete the writing course effectively. Postmodern fiction makes use of every writing technique that so far has been used in tradition narratives. postmodern narrative theory invents a new methodology that constructs the whole narrative tradition and focuses only on the functionality of the work (surfiction) and the writing process (metafiction). It also focuses on the vagueness of the meaning, lack of legitimacy and focuses on the narrative idioms. for instance, there is lack of authenticity in the novel of Pale Fire because it is difficult for one to understand the legitimate author of the narrative. This is because Shades is revealed as the narrator of the novel but again Kinbote also contributes in forwarding the narrative by making commentaries, which divulges that the legitimacy is intricate to grasp in a broad sense and satisfying manner. Another formal element that disrupts the reader is the use of dissimilar narrative elements to problematise the relationship between the reality and fiction story. The postmodern writers attempt to reveal that there is nothing outside the text that can be supplied that is the reality within the textuality. for instance, the contemporary writer like Alan Moore employs postmod narrative techniques in his novel.

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