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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on descision making Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on descision making Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Such medical conditions have significance in the mode of service provision in the pre hospital settings (Dolan & Holt, 2008, 20). It is important to underline that the patients undergoing such medical conditions requires emergency medical services which serves to keep them until they are taken to a fully-fledged medical facility. One of the key factors is emergency medical service response time. Research shows that there has been high morbidity and mortality arising from delayed pre-hospital EMS support like airlifting the patient to the hospital. This need to be taken into consideration since most of the chronic diseases victims always needs immediate assistance. Another key factor is medical provided in the scene in which the patient may in some cases be in need of resuscitation to survive until arrival to the hospital (Blobel, Pharow & Sousa, 2012, 57). This where care need to be taken to offer relevant first aid. There is also the need by the provider to reduce anxiety on the side of the patient to enhance her chances of survival during emergency circumstances. Question 2 Identify two comorbidities (e.g. diabetes & cardiovascular disease) and discuss: 1) How they interact and 2) How they affect the care provision for that person. The contemporary society has a number of comorbidities which are currently under investigative research using the data provided by the government authorities. It is important to note that such medical conditions interact in a given way and significantly affect the provision of care to the given patient. An example of this class of medical conditions which will be taken into consideration is diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. When one talks of cardiovascular disease, the concept in this case is about any heart related medical condition in which any of the hearts functions are affected ranging from its muscles to transport vessels (Johnstone & Veves,2005,240). It is important to note that most of the cardiovascular infections are caused by accumulation of some compounds like excess fats, cholesterol and other materials in the inner walls of the arteries thereby significantly incapacitating their transport functions. Diabetes on the other hand is a blood sugar regulation condition which needs to be given equal attention since it is chronic and is one of the causes of death in many countries across the world. There is a relationship that exists between these two medical conditions. The sugar in the blood is regulated from the liver through the hormone insulin. It is therefore the role of the heart to ensure effective transport of this blood to the various metabolic organs like the liver for regulation of sugar. In the event of cardiovascular condition, it means there is likely to be an insufficient circulation of this blood to such important organs and this means a built up of sugar in the blood resulting into diabetes (Marso, 2003, 193). It is therefore clear that there is a causal relationship between cardiovascular disease and diabetes which constitutes the world’s dreaded comorbidities. People who are under such chronic health conditions require special attention ranging from the home nursing care to the hospital medical treatment. One of the concepts that are important to highlight in respect of these infections is diet.

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