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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on managing people in a global economy Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on managing people in a global economy Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Ethical Issues in Organizations Roll No: Teacher: 24th January 2009 Ethical Issues in Organizations Ethical issues play a very crucial role in an organization and organizations take care of the ethical issues so that the employees working there do not face problems while continuing their jobs with the organization. By considering the ethics in an organization, not only the management takes cares of the employees but the employees also prove themselves helpful for the building of reputation of the organization.

Ethical issues are a major concern for an organization because they are able to get some reputation and name in the market on the basis of their employees and the tasks performed by their employees. Without the employees, an organization can never be able to work, therefore, it is essential for an organization and its management to consider the ethical issues while taking work from their employees.

Dan Amos informs in the article, “Aflac’s Ethics in Action: Pay for Performance—Keep Stakeholders Informed” (2009) that taking care of employees is very essential for the business and also if the management will take care of the employees, as a response, the employees will also take care of the business. Therefore, it is quite clear that the consideration of ethics in an organization develops a mutual relationship between the management and the workers of an organization.

The ethical behavior is affected by individual behavior. Some individuals in the organization enjoy an influential position such as the leaders of the organization, the managers and many others. Due to these influential individuals, the steps that are taken regarding ethical behavior are copied and performed by other organizational employees due to which, a culture of ethical behavior is created. The company Aflac is a pay-for-performance company due to which, they decide on the basis of the performance of the employees and pay them accordingly. According to Dan Amos, the organization gives enough consideration to civility and ethics (Amos, 2009).

The leaders play an affective role in influencing the stakeholders of a company as they are the one who help the stakeholders to act according to the needs of the organization and who are able to understand the ethical policy of the organization. They are the people who make sure that the employees work according to the code of conduct or code of ethics. They are the individuals who can impact the ethical behavior of an organization to a great extent.

The management of the company considers itself in strong bondage with its stakeholders on the basis of its ethical policies (Amos, 2009). Organizations can influence the ethical behavior in their employees by considering the ethical codes of conduct themselves and then applying them on the employees. When the organizations pay their employees according to their performed works and also regard the ethical issues of the employees, the employees are affected positively by the organizational ethical behavior due to which, their won ethical behavior is also affected (Amos, 2009).

Ethical policies that are made by an organization play a crucial role in defining the ethical behaviors of the employees of the organization. Aflac is an organization that is termed as ethically strong because of its ethical policies concerning employees, stakeholders and shareholders. The organizational management considers ethical issues important.


Amos, Dan. (2009). Aflac’s Ethics in Action: Pay for Performance—Keep Stakeholders Informed. Ethisphere, 12 January 2009.

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