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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on tourist attraction site visit Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on tourist attraction site visit Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! No: Tourist Attraction Site Visit I am a very crazy soccer spectator. Houston opening games are going to be wonderful series of events. I read on a website that Houston is a great tourist destination. Houston Dynamo games are series of soccer events that are organized on yearly basis. I watched live games on TV in 2006 and since then I am fan of these events.

I met head of organizing committee including Houston mayor and asked several questions regarding the events. I asked about hotels in the city for comfortable stay during the events. Mayor told me about various hotels in downtown Houston with cheap rates. These hotels provide amazing facilities to tourists.

I asked organizing committee about procedures for purchasing tickets for soccer season. They replied, online tickets for complete season can be purchased at cheap rates and it is also possible to select the place of own choice for watching the matches in stadium. I asked organizers that what all facilities are available at the stadium for watching soccer competitions. They replied, they have introduced great facilities like, bathrooms, food, cheerleaders, sound effects and screens for adding all sorts of fun in the events.

Who all are tough teams in the event? Mayor said, “Houston Dynamo” and “Dallas” are the best teams of the event. I asked how many stadiums are available for hosting the event. Mayor counted four stadiums including a newly constructed state of the art stadium. What is tailgating in Houston? Mayor said that you have snacks and hotdogs before start of the match is tailgating.

What are the other tourist destinations in Houston? Mayor replied, space Centre and downtown aquarium are worth visiting places. Organizing committee told me to visit Orange Avenue as well. This avenue provides free souvenirs, food, shirts and a band plays there to entertain people.

I am enjoying the opening games 2014 more than my expectations. It is so fascinating and colourful for people of any place in the world. I heard about the Houston and soccer events from my friend and then visited online sources. After coming here, I am not ready to leave this place now. Event is so organized that tourists do not feel any problem in their activities. There is one problem that spectators cannot buy single ticket for a match and they have to buy for complete season. Organizers need to look into this matter. Moreover, stadiums with more capacity should be constructed for accommodating huge crowds.

Dynamo started the season against “New England Revolution” on 8 Mar 2014. There is a long schedule and every team has to play one match with each other. It is a long season and soccer fever will be on its peak throughout 2014. “Dynamo” will end season by continuous home games against D.C. United on 12 October 2014. “Dynamo” will end season against New England on 16 October 2014. Finale of the season is scheduled in Chicago on October 24.

The 2014 home schedule is busy one including seven Saturday home dates, 5 Sunday matches and three Friday matches. Thus, I recommend soccer lovers to must visit Houston dynamo games for great entertainment. You will get all the necessities of life just at your doorstep.

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