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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the marketing mix and key stakeholder groups for ryanair airline.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the marketing mix and key stakeholder groups for ryanair airline. This research will begin with the statement that in order to amplify the sustainability and reputation in this age of extreme aggressiveness, it is the stakeholders, who might present positive strategies and policies for the growth the organization. This is because, stakeholders are recognized as those individuals, in which the organization is entirely dependent over a long period of time. Moreover, varied types of internal motives and desires of these stakeholders get fulfilled due to the increase in the organizational productivity and profitability. Other than this, the stakeholders are those individuals, who get affected by the implementation of varied types of inventive activities by the organization. This section identifies the prime stakeholders of Ryanair Airline that offers significant impact and influence over organizational activities are employees, pressure groups, and shareholders. Employees: employees are considered as the internal stakeholders of an organization and play a very vital role in organizational improvement. This is because. it is the employees or the human resources of an organization that dedicates his or her total commitment so as to amplify his level of performance or goals. Similarly, the employees or human resources of Ryanair Airline might try to present effective attitude, behavior as well as services so as to satisfy the requirements of the customers. Only then, the reliability and trust of the customers over the hospitality of Ryanair Airlines might get enhanced that may improve the brand image and market share of the brand. Other than this, if the level of hospitality of the employees of Ryanair Airlines is extremely praise-worthy, then the range of customers might get increased that may amplify the profitability and productivity of the organization. However, in order to maintain such type of hospitality, the employees need to offer extensive training and development workshops so as to improve their communication skills and intelligence power. Apart from this, in order to make the employees as the most profitable assets of Ryanair, effective communication and participation system need to be implemented, at the time of developing any strategy or policy.

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