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Hi, I need help with essay on Dentistry.. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Personal ment Qualities of creativity, hard work and drive for social reform have always interes

Hi, I need help with essay on Dentistry.. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Personal ment Qualities of creativity, hard work and drive for social reform have always interested me. I get immense satisfaction in helping others and being there when people need my service. Hence, during my college education, the profession of dentistry attracted me a lot. Dentistry not only demands hard work and sincere study, but it also requires one to be manually dexterous. Hence, dentistry is both, science and an art. My experience as a volunteer has made me realize that dentistry is not just a profession but is also a means of social reform. Hence, I want to make dentistry as my profession. During my childhood, due to unstable political and social conditions, I have seen people suffering. I have always desired to help the society in some way or other. I belong to Baha'i faith. Since the Islamic revolution in Iran, due to their religious faith, all the Baha'ian students were barred from studying at the university. In 2002, I had to leave the country of my birth and come to the United States to continue with my education. At that time, I did not know how to speak or read English. However, I realized that if I am to succeed in my studies and to develop my professional life, I will have to learn English. Hence, language acquisition became my priority. Moreover, to support myself financially, I was doing two jobs along with my studies. It was challenging for me to survive in a foreign country without any financial and moral support. However, my goals and the realization that I was luckier than my Baha'i friends and siblings back in Iran to get the opportunity to pursue my education, kept me going and made me stronger. My passion for education helped me to remain focused on my goal of attending professional school. Achievement of my goal was not possible in Iran. While studying in college, I became interested in dentistry. I started involving myself in dentistry practice as an intern and a volunteer. I realized that to be excellent in the field of dentistry, one needs to have a combination of scientific knowledge, manual dexterity, and a passion for serving others. I have all the three qualities. I brought my zeal for dentistry to my volunteer work in dental clinics. This opportunity allowed me to obtain hands-on experience and see the application of dentistry in the clinics. However, most importantly, it also made me realize the need for dental service to people coming from low income families and disadvantageous backgrounds. This realization gave me a stronger boost to study dentistry and build long lasting relationship with my patients. Making difference in people’s lives gives me a great satisfaction. My internship had begun with basic office work. However, soon I was allowed to assist dentist in his work. My experience as an assistant made me more confident in my goal and I realized that dentistry was an ideal profession for me. I found both, the work and the relationship with the patients, incredibly stimulating. Providing dental service to people who could not afford it was an extremely gratifying experience. In Iran, everyone has the same level of basic dental care. I was surprised to learn that this is not the case here in the US. As a dentist, I aim to make dentist treatment accessible to everyone, no matter what background they are from. I aim to achieve this goal by doing the Master’s Program. I value my volunteer work as it has provided me with the hands-on experience which I would not have obtained in the classroom. Through these experiences, my initial curiosity in dentistry has blossomed into a full-blown passion for dentistry. I came to the U.S. and have worked hard to finish the university education. Now, I am determined to apply the same energy and hard work to the Master’s Program. I have the capability to achieve my goals, to commit myself to lifelong learning, and to be of service to the needy people. If given an opportunity to pursue this career, I am certain that I will achieve my goal of excelling in the dentistry profession and making dental treatment accessible to everyone.

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