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Hi, I need help with essay on Feasability Study Report. Paper must be at least 3250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... Growing Business and Entrepreneurs (2008)

Hi, I need help with essay on Feasability Study Report. Paper must be at least 3250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

Growing Business and Entrepreneurs (2008) suggests that India along with five countries account for nearly half the GDP of total world as measured in PPP. More than half of the world’s total population lives in just two countries of the world –India and China. Moreover these are the developing countries of the world which offer higher growth rate as compared to the already developed markets. and the economically developed countries like US and Germany are facing greater heat of recession with surging economic crises. Therefore the investment can be in either of India and China finally.

There are a few points, however, that work in favor of India as compared to China which are as follows:-

1.Most of the people in India are well versed with English. So there will be no communication gap while working with the people of India which may not be the case in China.

2. Indian economy is more or less insulated with the global economy so the repercussions of the global meltdown will be minimized.

3.Chinese population has a higher ratio of old people whereas Singhal (2006) suggests that in India more than half of total population is below 25 years of age. Target consumer for the restaurants generally being young and dynamic, India offers better market penetration.

4.China has a poor record on human rights.

5.India has a closer association with the British culture than China....

Globalization has entered India in the year 1992. With the emergence of globalization, the GDP of the country has grown many folds in just a few years. Most of the major brands started outsourcing their work to India owning to the younger population of the country and the difference in the cost. With number of companies operating from India, the spending capacity of the youth has increased many folds.

There is a close association of the country with British culture as the English have ruled the country as recently as 1947 A.D. which will definitely be suited to an Englishman. Moreover India generally offering outsourcing to western nations has westernized a lot in the last five years and most of the youth have started preferring Western meals to the traditional Indian spicy food. Owing to the sudden surge in the spending capacity and the latest trends of westernization offer a huge potential of growth to any authentic British restaurant.

'The Diner's Park', an authentic British restaurant, can therefore be finalized to start in Pune, the city having highest number of youths in the country. Moreover, the city has largest number of IT companies, 212 registered IT companies in 2007 as per the data reported by India Design Festivals (2009), in India.

Come to the Diners Park and Feel the difference!! British Dining at its Best...

The current supply side:-

Most of the Indians quite like the Western culture as represented in the modern day trends in India. Currently there is a dearth of an authentic British restaurant in the city and the young crowd of India is food savvy.

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