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Hi, I need help with essay on German Machinery Development. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages... This essay highlights that&nbsp.the ma

Hi, I need help with essay on German Machinery Development. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages...

This essay highlights that&nbsp.the machinery industry entered a period of virtual crisis in the early 1990s. this made German experience stagnant sales and faced competition from foreign firms. The decline of cooperation with other regions, loss of domestic sales, high costs of wages and other benefits for employees in the machinery industry contributed to the crisis in German.&nbsp.As the paper stresses knowledge in Mechanical manufacturing has given German an upper hand in product exports in the international market thus boosting its economy. Mechanical manufacturing is the largest and most influential industry in German. Other key industries include the chemical and car manufacturing industry. Engineers in German have acquired an outstanding reputation for having practical backgrounds than those from their counterparts. The German machinery development did not exist through a vacuum. The development of machinery in German would be initiated through its environment, which favors the technical training at all levels.&nbsp.The German universities have obtained a stellar status. Their education has close ties to the industrial sector. Companies regularly extend internships and apprenticeships even to the high school students. The upcoming engineering technicians and grads have chances to begin careers with an intimate comprehension of their business companies.&nbsp.The companies initiate the programs for career development so that the employees hired in future become productive. Such programs breed loyalty and stability, especially in communities where firms of engineering get established. The establishment of engineering courses provides trainees with proper knowledge on developing machines. There are a number of essentials underlying engineering in German.

I. The German exports encompass mechanical engineering products as compared to other countries.

II. As reported last year, over 20 percent of all exported machinery in the global sector came from German.

III. In the past two years, the German machinery makers increased to approximately 50,000 employees. The country expects the number to increase in the coming years.

IV. Over the last decades, the number of German’s mechanical engineers continues to double.

V. The rapidly growing segment for automation and robotics companies in German over the past five years include the machine vision technology.

German provides the hottest engineering fields such as automation, Information Technology, and mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering gears towards design of machinery. The broad field involves mechatronics. It combines electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer science. Fachhochschulen is another field which emphasizes applied technology. This field practically and directly deals with industrial technologies. The established institutes also offer automation technology.Through skills and knowledge acquired in various fields of engineering, the equipment and machinery sector in German has continued to flourish in the economic center of Europe (Polland 25). The machinery development sectors are one of the motors of technology that continues to drive German as a nation of high-tech. It combines every key for potential technologies including software, robotics materials, and electronics. The industry of machinery and equipment in German gets strengthened by a combination of German’s approved engineering traditions. This makes it a highly diversified base.

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